Landing Pages

Tired of driving traffic to your website and not seeing results?
If you designed your ad or other inbound offer correctly, you provided prospects with a specific offer and call to action. When your visitor then arrives at your website they’re met with a slew of information about your business that derails them from their intended path. They then get confused and leave, drastically reducing customer conversion.

Landing pages provide cohesiveness with your advertisement and its offer. So instead of just driving prospects to your homepage, take them to a page that resembles your ad, its offer, some social proof (client testimonials) and a lead magnet. The lead magnet can be a PDF, eBook, video series or other resource of value that you can exchange for the prospect’s email address. Providing an exchange of value rather than just asking for their email address greatly increases the chances of them sharing it with you.

Sample Landing Pages

Check out these great examples of single call-to-action landing pages that convert!

Why Landing Pages Work

Landing pages work because they provide your prospects one, singular call to action. That’s it. The less your prospects have to think once they arrive on your landing page the more likely they are to convert to a customer.

For instance, here are two sets of directions. Which one is easier to follow?
1. Stand up, touch your toes, walk to the front door, knock seven times, walk back to me, give me a high-five, spin around three times, go sit in the red chair.
2. Go sit in the red chair.

Your customers will only do what you ask them to do. Stop giving them too much to think about and start driving them toward a single conversion goal by providing them a clear path to selecting your product or service as the ideal solution to their problem.

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landing pages

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