What Is A Landing Page?

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Landing pages are, well, exactly what you would expect. The web page your lead "lands" on after they click on your ad or promotion. "But why do I need a landing page? Can't I just send them to my website?" Good question--keep reading to find out why.

The landing page. The vital piece of digital property that many businesses underutilize. In my experience, it’s not because businesses don’t believe in their inherent ability to increase conversions–it’s simply because they don’t know what they are.

And you simply just don’t know what you don’t know.

In brief, a landing page is a web page. But it has a very important role in comparison to the rest of your website. The reason it’s value is beyond that of a normal web page is because it focuses on one singular thing. Converting a visitor to a prospective customer… a.k.a. a lead.

What type of “thing” are we talking about? That depends on what your product or service offering is. However, one thing that remains consistent across all landing pages is that you are offering your visitor a value exchange. 

You are requesting their contact information (email address, phone number, meeting commitment, etc.) in exchange for providing them with a piece of content that they can immediately put to use and transform a portion of their business. 

Providing a PDF, slide deck or video with tips, checklists, how-tos or other helpful information are all great ways to entice your visitor to “swap value” with you. We’ll talk types of content you can provide in another post about “lead magnets”. 

What makes a good landing page? 

  • Layout is professional and to the point. 
  • Image/video, bullets, short form and testimonials
  • Design and imagery mirrors the ad or content from where they  
  • An embedded short form to collect their information (First name and email should be enough to get started.) 

Why All Funnel?

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Manager, Strategic Marketing & Digital Design
Strategy, Design, Implementation, Management
Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America | 2003-Present

Marketing Consulting
Audit, Strategy
All Funnel | 2019-2020

IoT Design Consulting
Asset Tracking, Workplace Optimization, Predictive Analytics
iDevise | 2015-2019

Software / Platforms

Applicable Skills

+ Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, InDesign

Marketing Automation
+ HubSpot
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+ WordPress
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+ Shopify
+ HTML, JavaScript, CSS

+ Google: Analytics, Console,
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Marketing + Technology

I am a marketer, technologist, and designer who is driven to improve user experience and engagement. A strong believer in analytics and constant enhancement of efficiencies that increase productivity and streamline workflows.


At a Glance

+ 18 years in multiple marketing roles at largest national insurance association.

+ Start-up experience in web, marketing, and IoT spaces.

+ Enthusiasm for attaining new skills, questioning norms, and exploring solutions to problems.

+ Inherent desire to help at any capacity to ensure the success of the team.

+ Pittsburgh Technology Council
+ American Marketing Association
+ American Society of
Association Executives
+ eMarketing Association

Slippery Rock University
of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science, Communication;
Emerging Technology and Multimedia

+ Committee Member for Annual Charity Golf Event having raised over $190k for local charities since 2009
+ Youth Ice Hockey Coach
+ Youth Soccer Coach

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